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Investing Your Way ... With a Little Help from Us

Welcome to FTC Investor Services, a team dedicated to meeting your needs as a direct investor. Through our affiliation with Franklin Templeton Investments, we give you access to a full range of solutions and services from commission-free mutual fund investing to investment advice that is tailored to you and your personal situation. In addition you have access to comprehensive wealth management capabilities provided by our parent company, Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada, including discretionary investment management and trust and estate services.

A Proud Heritage
Originally part of Franklin Bissett Investment Management†, we’ve been helping investors build their portfolios of mutual funds since 1982. Today, FTC Investor Services Inc. is a subsidiary of Fiduciary Trust Canada and is registered as a mutual fund dealer authorized to sell all of Franklin Templeton Investments mutual funds and portfolios.

A World of Choice
As an FTC Investor Services client, you have access to a broad range of asset classes from the distinct money managers: Franklin Bissett, Franklin, Templeton, Franklin Mutual Series and the Fixed Income Group.

In addition the all in one solution, Franklin Quotential, gives you access to the best of Franklin Templeton’s global fund line-up, is diversified across asset class, investment style, market capitalization and geography and is actively managed to help you maximize opportunities while minimizing risk.

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Lean Fees Add Results
As a self-directed investor you deserve a break on fees. With a minimum $25,000 to invest, you will have access to a broad range of low fee funds, without extra sales commissions. Overall this means higher net returns over the long-term.

Investing in commission-free funds also gives you the flexibility to switch between funds without penalty.

Sound Advice
Our Investment Fund Specialists are not compensated through commissions and are dedicated to helping you build and manage your mutual fund portfolios in accordance with your goals and tolerance for risk.

Superior Service
Our Investment Fund Specialists are just a phone call or email away. We can help you open an account, provide you with information on Franklin Templeton funds and portfolios, guide you in strategies that match your unique investment objectives, time-horizon and tolerance for risk.

We also help you stay on top of market trends with the Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada quarterly magazine, Perspective, and quarterly commentary from the Chief Investment Officer. Click here to subscribe.

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Call an Investment Fund Specialist between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (EST) at 1.866.310.5522,
fax 1.800.903.1638.
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We look forward to assisting you.

† Part of Franklin Templeton Investment Corp. Previously named Bissett Investment Management.

Franklin Bissett †

Growth at a Reasonable Price
The Franklin Bissett team focuses on Canadian equity, balanced and fixed income capabilities. We apply a “bottom-up” research approach to position investors for consistent, long-term equity returns.

† Franklin Bissett Investment Management is part of Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. Franklin Bissett Investment Management was previously named Bissett Investment Management.


Seeking Growth around the World
Franklin equity has more than 40 years of experience in global equity investing and 65 years of experience in US equity investing. 60 investment professionals across the world seeking opportunities for growth and blend mandates.


Value Investing Pioneers
The Templeton Team looks for stocks selling at prices that are low compared to our assessment of their true worth. Our philosophy of long-term value investing using a “bottom-up” approach to stock selection has made us one of the world’s most respected investment managers.

Franklin Mutual Series †

Deep Value Investors
We have delivered solid, risk-adjusted returns for more than 65 years. Our specialized teams are dedicated to an equity investment strategy that seeks to purchase opportunities for 50-60 cents on the dollar.

† Previously named Mutual Series.

Franklin Quotential

Franklin Quotential. Ready for what’s ahead
This team has a rich history providing multi-asset solutions to Canadians that offers pension-style management from a Canadian perspective. These wealth management specialists are behind the managed solution, Quotential.

Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group

60-plus-years of global fixed income experience with top-down, bottom-up and quantitative approaches, with more than 135 dedicated investment professionals located around the globe in a multi-sector, integrated platform.